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60 cm Hull Drakkar Model Viking Ship (FREE SHIPPING)

Model Ship - 60 Cm Hull Drakkar Model Viking Ship  (FREE SHIPPING)

60 cm Hull Drakkar Model Viking Ship (FREE SHIPPING)

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The Drakkar, the best known of the spectacular longships, were symbolic of the legendary Vikings. A rather late invention (11th century), these ships were used primarily as vicious and brutal warships. Developed by majestic Kings such as Olaf Tryggvasson, they were a symbol of the incredible Scandinavian power and were to these proud owners, a highly valued material possession.

Ancient ship-burials are the best and most common source for information about the dramatic longships. Honored Viking Kings were often buried after their death under a long burial mound in one of their Drakkar ships containing many of their most valued and luxuriant possessions.

The longships were always built of one-level construction with rows of oars on both sides covering almost the entire length of the ship. In later years according to the burial sites, their ships were built with a large rectangular sail on a single mast.

The Vikings used the Drakkar to battle Europe, North Africa and a small area of western Asia until the end of the turbulent Viking Age. The stunning longships with their vibrant blood red sail and hundreds of vicious and fierce warriors will always be symbolic of the horror and terror the Vikings brought to these saddening times.

  • Assembly required
  • Includes assembly instructions
  • Includes stand
  • Made from real wood
  • Dimensions: 60L x 20W x 65H  (cm)
  • Shipping and handling included

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